The Best of 2017

2017 was everything and more than what I had ever hoped for. It was like listening to a feel good mixtape on repeat, and with each quarter of the year was a combination of my favorites: traveling to new cities, learning new things, spending LOTS of time with family, 24/7 with Peej, co-working and collaborating with friends, and of course, painting. I feel like I can’t properly move on to whatever’s next without giving 2017 its proper credit by looking back at everything that happened this year. Writing always helps me remember, and I want all the memories of this year to stick!

On the last day of 2016, PJ and I flew to San Francisco.

We spent over a week in Lake Tahoe with our families.
Ate Ria and I made a giant snowman (with ice letters & gin!) outside our log cabin.On one snowed-in day, we randomly booked plane tickets for a weekend trip to New York!

Don’t they say that if you start the year doing one thing, then you’ll be doing it for the rest of the year? After SF, we traveled to 13 more cities in 7 countries, and were away for about 1/3 of the year. That probably is why 2017 was so amazing, haha!:P

London  |  Athens & Santorini  |  Milan  |  Zermatt & Zurich   |   Brussels & Antwerp  |  Amsterdam

While traveling, I was also able to squeeze in workshops: Taught 3 watercolor workshops at Poketo this year, a floral sketching class at Au Fudge, and a couple of private workshops in LA and San Francisco. Brought a couple of my workshops to London, too! Back home the Philippines, I also gave three workshops each in workshops in Baguio and Siargao. Aside from these, I also taught 50 workshops in Manila this year!




Design wise, my goal this year was to focus on my work in surface patterns. I had the opportunity to do this through these fun collaborations!

National Bookstore’s 2017 Calendar   |   Wanderskye’s In Transit Luggage Cover

 Sanicare Tissue Box Tropical Florals for MariMari Clothing




Collaborated with Designer friends:

Type Writer Mikko Sumulong turned my handwritten scripts & serifs into a font Breakfast, Please!

Designer & Letter Christine Herrin turned my doodles of Garden Flowers into an acrylic stamp set




Learned about Papermaking, Letterpress and Woodturning.




I started making my own handmade watercolors for the workshops, and they’re now available at CommonRoom Alabang and Katipunan!




Worked with and the Probe Team for some feature and how-to videos!:)




Had the chance to share my creative process and journey at the IFEX Experience Paper event, and at EnspireMNL’s Finding Your Niche talk last July. Organized workshops + pop-ups Watercolor Weekend and Handmade Holiday at Breakfast & Pies The Grove



Heading into 2018 with an ever grateful heart. Looking forward to more opportunities to grow, and to give more of myself into my work.