Paint, Pattern, Print

Paint, Pattern, Print. This is basically my design process: I paint something, create a pattern with it, and then print it on a surface. I shared my paper stories at IFEX PH‘s Experience Paper event at Green Sun Hotel, Makati. Paper-loving guests were greeted at the entrance with a Wall Collage of my watercolored works, digitally printed by Primex Printers.

Painted these purple florals using my handmade watercolors. Just used three modified secondary colors for this work: cobalt violet, malachite, and apricot. Mixed the colors with each other to create shadows. The I scanned the artwork, added some of my “stock” florals, and turned it into this new Florals & Weaves pattern!

The background is a watercolored ikat pattern. This pattern was a bit of a challenge to make because I had to make a repeat tile with each watercolored element on a different layer!

Some of my old works were also printed on different types of fine papers from IFEX. What I love about this project is that it pushed us (designer, paper, printer) to try new things, such as printing digitally on papers that are traditionally for offset printing. It’s about time some rules were broken in the world of printing 😛

Here’s a look at the whole wall!:)

In the morning of the event, I gave a talk on my design process.

IFEX carries my favorite papers, such as Neenah Blotter Papers. First time I learned about these papers was when I took Printing & Design classes in New York after college. Used this for the first wedding invitation I designed many years ago! They’re actually great for coasters because they’re so thick (over 400gsm!), but I love printing watercolored artworks on them because of the matte, cotton-y texture.

IFEX gave out these coasters with my watercolored patterns of succulents, banaba, and tropical florals. These were all digitally printed by Primex Printers.

Can’t wait to explore more things I can do with specialty papers & digital printing! 🙂