Handmade Ceramic Paint Palettes

My passion (passion talaga?!) for art materials has evolved through the years (naks!). Putting the workshop kits together is one of my main motivators for holding my workshops. 😛  I love sharing my favorite art supplies with my students. Now that I make my own handmade watercolors, I thought it would be great to pair them with some handmade palettes as well.

I first experimented with these palettes at Craft Camp Antipolo last year. I made a couple of palettes to test the shrinkage and usability. Made some plates and a spoon, too! 🙂

A few weeks after drying and baking, I got my ceramic pieces! Unwrapping them is always the best part. Love this small one–it fits inside my pencil case, and has the perfect depth for watercolor mixtures.

Was so happy with the output, that I felt the need to share this with fellow watercolor enthusiasts. These are now available at Common Room Alabang and Katipunan, and at my own pop-ups,

Made a bunch of different shapes so that no two are exactly the same. (Also because I’m no pro, so they will really all look different from one another, haha.)