Garden Stamps for Everyday Explorers Co.

This little personal project of drawing a Philippine flower a day has bloomed into a clear stamp set for Everyday Explorers Co.!

I illustrated florals using a calligraphy pen, and then chose my 12 favorite ones to include in this set. There’s ylang-ylang, jasmine, aster, oleander, frangipani (calachuchi), heliconia, kerria, rosal, ursinia, sampaguita, magnolia, and xanthoceras.

Thank you to CH for inviting me to collaborate on this stamp set! She’s the awesome designer behindĀ Everyday Explorers Co. Met up with her during my recent trip to San Francisco, and was finally able to see my stamps in person! I’ve been carving my own stamps for personal projects, but nothing compares to the crisp detail CH’s clear stamps make.

Couldn’t wait to start playing with them!

Created patterns with the stamps, and printed on some card stock to make holiday gift tags.

The stamps are also the perfect size for decorating your planner pages!

Get them at Everyday Explorers Co. or at the Handmade Holiday Pop-up this Dec 16, Saturday, 9am-6pm @ Breakfast & Pies The Grove, Pasig.