Watercolored Succulents Workshop at The Baguio Craft Fair

An out-of-town trip is always a good idea! 😛 What’s an even better idea? A workshop in the garden, with the cool Baguio breeze! Super grateful to have been part of the 2nd Baguio Craft Fair, which happened last weekend. It was an amazing weekend of workshops and celebration of all things handmade. I taught Watercolored Succulents Workshops for Beginner and Intermediate Levels.

Our workshop area in the the garden of Hill Station


I taught basic and intermediate watercolor workshops, and an affordable art package with just a basic kit & handmade watercolor sampler card. Students also got to take hoe the succulents they painted!

I went crazy at the Orchidarium! Aside from the succulents, there are sooo many flowers! Currently dreaming up a Watercolor Weekend in Baguio where we can have painting field trips to the Botanical Gardens and flower markets! 😛

At the beginner watercolor class, we played with the wet-on-wet technique, and the students worked on two artworks simultaneously. This technique takes lots of patience and time to dry, so I always encourage students to work on two pieces at the same time, so they don’t end up touching the wet artworks too much.

I let the students play with a limited color palette: 2 shades of green (turquoise and verona green earth), french rose, ultramarine, raw sienna, and vine black. Here are some of their class outputs!

Lissa’s in-laws came by to visit our workshop. That’s THE Kidlat Tahimik beside me!:P


At the intermediate class, we composed more complicated succulent bouquets, and used the wet-on-dry color mixing technique.

Shopped for gifts at the handmade booths. My fave purchase was an airplant! 😛

We stayed at the Baguio Country Club and stuffed ourselves with sooo much delicious breads (banana bread’s my fave!) from their bakery!

Foggy morning view from the veranda


Before heading home, we had late lunch at Cafe by the Ruins. That’s cream of purple camote (sweet potato) soup with lemon and cilantro.

Didn’t have much time to go around Baguio during this trip, and that only means I’ll have to go back soon. 🙂