Travel Diary: New York City

We tried. Told ourselves, nope, we’re just staying in the west coast for this trip. PJ and I were super okay with our decision. Until one snowy day in Tahoe, we got super bored and decided to check flights and thingstodo in New York. Wala lang. And then there they were–two tickets to NY for less than $300 (all in, roundtrip). That rarely happens, right? 😛 So we booked workshops and classes to take in New York, to try to justify our trip. Haha.


New York is always about food, friends, and finding yourself. (Naks, drama.) PJ and I spent our days separately, getting lost in the city (well, him), and taking a bunch of classes. I took a whole day Letterpress workshop, and a pigments class.

Made posters and business cards at The Arm Letterpress in Williamsburg.

Went shopping for pigments at Kremer!

I finally got to visit The Pennsy and eat at The Cinnamon Snail!
Vegan Donuts & Ginger Ale!:)

Walked around Soho one afternoon, and of course, had to have Cafe Habana’s corn.Popped into the Glossier showroom for some makeup shopping!

Bought some yarn at Purl Soho

And then peeked into McNally Jackson, but only for a bit because our brains were already overstimulated by the workshops and classes we’d been taking.
Dinner & Drinks with good friends in the city:

 Georgy my NYU classmate and Chitty mah sistah and childhood next door neighbor

Shyne, PJ’s childhood friends, and Bans & Sarah

Party games at KC & Clay’s apartment

PJ and Bans.

The stuff Tito & Tita-Dreams are made of: Wine Delivery!