Download: August 2013 Printable Calendar

I’m still in the middle of some creative hibernation, but I’m going up for a bit of air because whaaaaa– August is here! Well, tomorrow it’ll be here. Haha. I always thought the busier work months were from August to December, but it seems like the whole world has decided that July can’t be too soon to work on 2014 projects. (Wait lang, I’m not yet even done with my Stationery Swap project!! :P)
I like rearranging my pencil case every so often, and changing the tools inside, depending on my mood. For a while, all it had inside were rubber carving tools. And then recently, I was all about micron pens. Right now, I’m back to good old pencils. Though I don’t really use a pencil for watercolor work (I’m too lazy), I do like lettering with it. My favorite pencils right now are these carpenter pencils that I bought from an art store in HongKong a while back. At first, I thought they were just called rectangular pencils, until I found out that they’re square-ish to keep them from rolling away from, well, the carpenters that use them. (Oo nga naman.) It was only able to use the pencils after I got this special sharpener, which sharpens sideways, instead of in a clockwise direction. I also love how you can also use the pencil as an italic nib for calligraphic strokes.
Kraft Paper + Watercolor + Pencil = this month’s calendar in Filipino
(in celebration of Buwan ng Wika / National Language Month)
Watch out for the August-September Craft Schedule
+ Signups for new workshops tomorrow! 🙂