Succulents & Serifs

The world is always silent once brush touches paper. Painting quiet little serifs is such a relaxing process; it’s like nothing else matters more than straightening those lines one tiny brushstroke at a time. I love getting into that zone. Painting things from memory (no typeface guide was used to create this alphabet) is like talking to yourself and meditating. Working without pencils is like daring yourself to make a commitment with every movement. So many things happening to you, challenging you all at once, and yet you try to keep still and own maximum control of the process. This tiny 20/0 brush helps make that process easier; I feel like it just goes where I command it to go, and not anywhere else.
While cleaning my old room last Sunday, I unearthed my vintage Guitar watercolor palette. It’s student grade, but I’m amazed at how highly pigmented it still is. The cakes are super dry, too, (they always have been), and I like it that way. I like being able to control the pigment consistency in my washes. Aaaand, I’m in love with the fact that it comes in a tin case. Why don’t all watercolor sets come in tins?? Haha 😛
I’m so excited for September! I’ll be teaching workshops every week, and almost all are already full. There are still a few slots left for the Watercolor Lettering class that’s happening this Sunday, September 6 at Hillside Cafe. Click here if you’d like to join that class.
I recently did a video shoot for Bride&Breakfast, where I demonstrated how to make rubberstamps (they’ll be posting it this month!). It was awesome because I got to create real material for one of our couple friends getting married this year.
Currently making more of these succulent stamps and floral watercolored tattoos as my FREE giveaways at the Candy Fair! Hope to see you on September 12 at Metrotent (in Metrowalk Ortigas). You can buy tickets to the fair here.
Thanks to Macy for, as always, being the best hand model. 😛 I just noticed we have semi-matchy flat gold bangles!

At the Candy Fair, I’ll be teaching a simple step-by-step for different kinds of Watercolored Succulents. The kit (for workshop use) is only P290–a real special deal for the Candy girls. 😉

To map out all the events happening this month, here’s the September 2015 Calendar!:P