The 4th Craft Soirée: Watercolor Swap

Last Summer, I organized the 4th LifeAfterBreakfast Craft Soirée: 
A Watercolor Playdate & Swap!
Craft Soirées are gatherings where artists and makers get together for a show-and-tell afternoon of crafts and art swaps. Held last April at Pipino in Teachers Village, Quezon City, the 4th Craft Soirée featured 18 female watercolor artists from Manila.
Since 2012, I’ve been organising the Craft Soirées as a challenge to crafters and artists to create something new, and to get out of our crafty shells and get to know more people in the community. We’ve done craft exchanges and a stationery swap in the past. You can read about the past craft gatherings herehere, and here.
Front: IoriArleneFranValerieTippy
Back: Mansy, AbbeyMacyLorraJuneMeganCynthia and me
Check out the list of artists who joined! Pipino restaurant was exploding with talent that afternoon. 😛 I organized this event in just 3 weeks, and I’m so happy everyone was game to participate.
We began with the playdate part while waiting for the other artists to arrive. I announced that a Herschel Little America backpack was up for grabs for the best watercolored postcard! Ummm, no pressure, guys!! Haha 😛
Aaaaand the watercolors sets are out! Thanks to Herschel for giving us these enamel mugs that were perfect for watercups. It was so fun to see all the artists in action!
For those who opted out of the painting activity, there was also a Totebag Stamping Station.
Thanks to Pierra Calasanz-Labrador for featuring the event in Fifi’s Finds! Mansy Abesamis also gave a prize from DandyOna and lots of HeyKessy Washi Tape for all participants.
Alexis and Anina won Jewelry from HeyJow for the Best Totebags!
After painting playtime was the main event: The Watercolor Swap!
Each artist took turns to introduce herself and her work for the giveaway. As always, this is the part where it feels like Craft Christmas! Goodies from everyone! 😛


Meet the artists, see their swapped work, and learn about their favorite watercolor brushes by flipping through this PDF below 🙂
Guests were treated to a sit-down merienda meal from Pipino. Thanks to our team, Chef Edward Bugia, Star Jose, and of course, my husband PJ for always supporting my crafty dreams!:)
In between bites, I had more goodies to give away. The Totebags that everyone stamped on earlier were actually for this amazing loot!:P
Stationery and Notebooks from The Lunch Break Project
Washi Tape designed by Paul & Mansy of HeyKessy
Paper Palette + Watercolor Pad + Dr. Ph Martin’s Radiant Watercolor from Craft Carrot
Vegan Cookies & Black Bean Bagoong from Pipino
Dish & Brush Cleaner + The Little Warrior Sanitizer from Messy Bessy
Mug, Notebook, and Magazine from Herschel Philippines
Fine Watercolor Brushes and a mini Leather Brush holder from me 🙂
And then we put in our ballots (and shoe sizes) in to raffle off flipflops from Havaianas, who also gave away gift cards to all artists!
AbbeyJune, and Megan won the flopflop raffle!
Fran and Tippy won Card Sets from The Lunch Break Project for the Early & Late Bird awards 😛
June won the postcard designing contest and the Little America Backpack  from Herschel!
Thanks to all these artists who joined the Watercolor Playdate & Artwork Swap!:)
Thanks to Chris Clemente & Egay for the photos!——————–