Watercolored Kicks

I bought a new pair of AJ’s the other day, and as I was putting it on my shoe rack next to my other sneakers, I realized that I really do tend to go for retro styles. And because I was so excited over this new purchase (that dorky feeling of wanting to just hug the world), I translated it into… watercolored kicks. WHY would anyone want to do this? Haha. I just needed to do something non-work related because I’ve been in slaving front the computer all week!
Meet the ones of current rotation: all white air force 1  |  air jordan 1 high strap  |  abstract-patterned gray blazers  |  camel-colored tiempo ’94 mid  |  air flight condor for basketball (that i just recently had to let go because it’s so old already). What didn’t make it to this painting are my low dunks! (No more space on the pad :P)
Started by sketching the shoes in pencil.
Then filled it up with washes, and used Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White.

Thinking of turning this into a pattern later on!:)