In and Out of the City

With workshops almost every Saturday and Sunday, I have to remind myself to off-set my weekends. Never-ending to-do lists make that almost impossible. Plus, I love what I do! πŸ˜› But not having any breaks makes the weeks so toxic, especially when you work from home. It’s so tempting to work even on the days when I’m supposed to be resting!
I recently discovered a solution to my problem: Run away from the city whenever I can! πŸ˜›
Early this week, I went to Batangas with PJ, Tita Ditas and her friends during my ‘offset weekend’ and though I admit I still brought some work with me, it was nice to take beach breaks in between. On the way back, we went to check out secret gardens and ourΒ future secret garden.
Baby pineapple
We should plant fire trees everywhere. The single inversely-coloured petal of each flower makes it even more beautiful.
And what’s a getaway without some crafting?
Made wooden stamp mount prototypes, and will be giving these out the Rubbercut Stamping workshops this weekend.
I love this machine that rotates the wood!
Wooden mount Β with a 2×2″ base, ready for a new stamp πŸ˜‰
Back in the city, I visited my cousin Noelle’s place, and she led me to the garden where we used to play when we were kids. She showed me the treehouse that she is building for her son Kai. This was our dream when we were kids!! (But we did get a giant bahay kubo playhouse.) Kai is so lucky! And I already made plans to set some craft dates with Noelle once the treehouse is done.


My husband PJ loves taking care of plants, and I decided to get in on it, but this time, starting from scratch. I bought some flower seeds and soil-less potting mix (perfect for condos, not muddy/messy at all), and after 5 days, my seeds have sprouted!



I planted Portulacas, Pansies, Phlox, and Liliputs! Can’t wait for them to bloom, so impatient-me made stamps of the future flowers. Haha πŸ˜› Clockwise from left: Pansy stamp & seeds; Liliput stamp & seeds, and at the bottom is a Phlox roller-stamp (with a paintbrush handle inserted) and seeds.