Watercolored Tattoos

Back in grade school, my favourite thing to buy at our school canteen were the candies that came with free temporary tattoos. Later on, gel pens were all the rage, and we used them to draw tattoos on our hands and arms. It was all just random, careless fun. I was experimenting with some materials yesterday when I discovered I COULD make my own temporary tats!
I have been waiting for years to get a watercolored tattoo done by Amanda Wachob in NYC, but she’s always fully booked! I scanned and printed some of my watercolored illustrations on some sheets of special transfer paper. My watercolored tattoo dreams are (sort of) coming true! 😛
Watercolored lips that I posted on Instagram yesterday, plus watercolored flying ducks and mushrooms that I made a while back. Not necessarily the images I’d want to have tattooed–I just picked random illustrations. 😛
Cut them out but left a thin border around the images.
Wee! Temp tat success!