In Between Crafting

So this is how the past few days have been like: I slave away in front of the screen half of the day for design work, and spend the other half either crafting or teaching workshops. My neon orange mani looks so nice against my keyboard. Wala lang!
I’m thinking of a caption for this photo and all that pops to mind is “ugly hands”. But I really should stop describing my hands as ugly (even if they really are) (okay okay last na yun) because they do so much beautiful work for me, and are thankfully super steady and not pasmado. Haha. And in case you noticed, I wear my wedding band under my engagement ring. Most days, I just wear the wedding band anyway. It’s super thin hammered matte gold. Every time I look at my rings, I dream about my jewelry making days in Bulacan (circa 2005), and how I wish I could go back there to make my own jewelry again. Soon.
I’m also working on the new Pipino menu with our kitchen team, and we’re adding a bunch of new items like this quinoa-berry-beet salad, pinakbet risotto with pickled sigarilyas (sooo yummy), avocado fries, and three kinds of hummus!
I’ve always loved QC and thought I would be a north girl forever, but I’ve recently been holding workshops in Alabang twice a week. The frequency makes it feel less far. 😛 Also, on this southern piece of land will soon rise a new place to craft! I need to remind myself to breathe whenever I think about this, because aaaaaaaaahhhhhh I’m soooo excited about it!!  !!!  !!!!!!!!!!   hahaha. OA.
Last week, I was supposed to be resting, nursing a bad cold, and all I could think of was this piece I wanted to watercolour. Haha, but I forced myself to stay in bed anyway. Yes, in between crafting, I still craft. Sometimes, it’s for a relative or friend’s party invitation. Sometimes, it’s just to de-stress. Carving simple lines helps with that.
I have a cubby hole of unopened craft supplies. It feels like Christmas every time I see it. Carving blocks, watercolour blocks, fabric brush pens, wood tape, notebooks, and more paper. All just waiting for me. 😛