Kris Learns Calligraphy

Had the honor of teaching calligraphy to Kris Aquino for the first episode of The Kris List! Here are some photos from the shoot.

The shoot was held at our cafe, Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar on Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City. This is normally where I hold my calligraphy classes. 🙂

My craft “kalat” up on the wall for a wall collage of my artworks!

Super happy to have worked with my Creativity teacher back in college, Jules Dacanay. His class was one of my favorite electives!

We had a one-on-one calligraphy session where I taught her the basics. We used Dr. Ph Martins Calligraphy inks from CraftCarrot!

And here she is with the Havaianas Lasap pair that I designed with calligraphy!

Watch the video here:

The Kris List Ep. 1 Calligraphy

The Kris List Ep. 1 Calligraphy

Kris tries her hand at calligraphy and discovers more about herself. #TheKrisList

The Kris List is a series of web videos on her own personal list of new experiences, looking at them with with fresh eyes.

Posted by Kris Aquino on Saturday, May 13, 2017


>> Click here to join the next calligraphy workshop at Hillside! <<



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