The Great Indoors

During lockdown, I started a visual journal for my own personal quarantainment. To document the here and now. Mainly because the biggest shift of our time is happening, and I don’t just want to forget it. Trying to stop myself from wishing I were somewhere else, or from feeling sad that an entire summer just flew by, by being more aware of my surroundings. This is my little way of practicing gratitude for where we are, what we are able to do, and what we have (health!).

My journal is called The Great Indoors.

And daming puedeng gawin!

(So many things you can do!)

So now I’m documenting a journal within a journal, haha! I started with these two spreads: Sampung Sulok sa Bahay / Ten Corners in the House. Forgotten areas, views from odd angles, everyday stillness.

I carved some stamps to document the weirdness: Dalgona coffee, waiting for press cons on tv, banana bread sanity-check, and yoga to help you accept everything that’s happening 😂

I started another challenge: Pattern-hunting around the house. I painted them using watercolors.

Baroque leaves, Terrazzo tiles, Marble tops, Solihiya lounge chair, an empty Egg carton, and Coconut placemats.

Been cooking vegan food for the whole family (and for some friends sometimes), so I thought of documenting all the new dishes I came up with.

And in attempt to stay sane, I painted my daily routine:

Journaling & Tea, Cooking, Fresh Air & Activity Time, Work, Painting, Bedtime.

In between, there are zoom meetings, e-numans, chatting with my best friend Gin, watching tv shows and movies with the fam.


That’s it for today’s journal peek! 😊