Watercolor Lettering + Patterns Workshop at Poketo

Growing up, I spent many summers in LA, and have nothing but fond memories with my cousins and family there. It really does feel like my second home. In 2015, I taught workshops in SF and NYC, and this year, I finally did a workshop run in LA!

I was extremely excited to partner with Poketo for a workshop in Los Angeles. We did a Watercolor Lettering + Patterns workshop, and thankfully, it was a sold-out class with 24 students!

The workshop was held at The Line Hotel on Wilshire Blvd, which houses a Poketo store at the lobby. They sent awesome photographer Mike Pham to take photos of the class. 🙂

Each participant received a curated workshop kit with some of my favorite tools: a Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor set, an assortment of brushes, Arches hot pressed watercolor paper, a lettering ruler, and other painting materials. I also gave out these handwoven envelopes from Sorsogon. 🙂

Put up a wall collage of some of my artworks.

Made two-sided placecards for making friends in class 😛

We began the class by discussing the materials, and then went ahead with mixing the watercolors.

For the activity, I asked the participants to paint their own “Note to Self” for 2017.

My cousin Ate Ricci also came to the workshop to take some photos! 🙂

I did an actual painting demo in class, so the students could see how I build my letters with the paintbrush.

So happy that my gradeschool friend Krista and her cousin were able to join the class!:)

Thanks to this amazing group, and of course, to Poketo and The Line Hotel for hosting my workshop! 🙂


3515 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90010

IG: @poketo