LovEmHearts Painting at Glorietta

I live for creative challenges. Each one is an opportunity to learn, to know myself better, and to grow as an artist. Glorietta asked me to come up with a holiday theme for the heart mural that I first painted back early this year for Valentine’s Day.
Next to me painting is fellow artist Mercedes Olondriz. We were lucky to have Joanne Fugoso-Pajarillo shooting our work progress that week! She was the one who snapped these images of us working on our hearts.
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I’ve been experimenting with a slightly different style of watercolor. I’ve been integrating pattern-fills in my botanical shapes, and layering them on top of each other.
On our recent trip to Siargao, I sketched the different flowers and leaves that I saw around our resort. Then I used those sketches as my reference to paint a patterned bouquet composed of lilies and tropical leaves monstera, banana, and palm.
I decided to use this motif for my Holiday Heart. I changed the color scheme, and then turned it into an all-over pattern.
I used Liquitex paint and markers for the entire heart mural. These made painting really easy. And I love that my hand-drawn strokes can be seen!
Liquitex materials are available at IFEX Fine Arts.
On the first day, I sketched the design, and worked ’til evening on underpainting colors.


The next day, I began to add the patterns inside the shapes.


My Daily Progress Shot 😛
Then finally, on the last day, I added splashes of patterns all over the heart.
My holiday heart is a TROPICAL WONDERLAND! 🙂
And after 14+ hours of painting, it’s finally done!!!


Check out the painting process here:
Find my Heart at the Glorietta 2 Palm Drive lobby. Take a photo of yourself with the heart, and tag me on Instagram / Facebook @lifeafterbreakfastph!