Travel Diary: An Empty Day to Create and Dream

P a s t   m o u n t a i n   l a y e r s


d e e p   i n t o   a   s e a   o f   c o c o n u t   t r e e s
f o r


—  a  m u c h  n e e d e d
C R E A T I V E   R E T R E A T .
I try to balance long and blurry work days
by stepping out and doing something worth remembering
by being quiet, so that I can hear my thoughts.
The ocean never fails to humble
and put you in place.
Nature’s trash is this woman’s treasure 😉
Picked up some driftwood for crafting later on.
A beautiful camp site was set up for us at Easy Adventure Baler


Thick mattresses and crisp sheets will shift any of your camping hesitations 😛


Restrooms are super clean and airy, but still private.
With nothing planned for the day, I brought out my bag of craft materials.
Started working on a new macramé piece, with the sea as my backdrop.


The repetitive knots of macramé are so meditative, and freeform patterns allow you to be as creative or symmetrical as you want to be. You take it one row at a time, and for a few hours, focus on nothing but the work of your hands.


And of course, what’s an out-of-town trip without some craft shopping?


Stopped by the stalls along the main highway to take home some baskets and this rainbow walis! Perfect colors to define how one feels after a refreshing time-out trip. 🙂