Mid-week beach break   |   Breakfast with best friends  |   Jayson (our go-to mac specialist) who literally resuscitated my laptop   |   Conversations in the car with (PJ, Star, Del and Clems) to keep you awake, i.e. Sinong artista ang gaganap sa’yo kung sa MMK ang buhay mo?   |   Nice cab drivers who don’t complain about taking you from Makati to QC at rush hour   |   Exchanging cars with dad when ours is broken and Mom lending me her driver   |   Tita Ditas and Papi taking home stuff we left behind   |   PJ re-delivering the sketchpads I forgot for the workshop   |   Leftovers for breakfast
Grateful for my lifesavers this week! 🙂


Grumbacher watercolors on 425gsm cold-pressed paper, using 3/0 and 18/0 brushes.