Sunday7: Black & White Patterns

My best friend Gin asked me to stamp some patterns for her new home. In case you haven’t noticed it in my Instragram feed, I’m currently enjoying losing myself in the crafty blackhole that is rubber-cutting eraser stamps. Needless to say, I gladly obliged. She just asked for 4 patterns, but I used up an entire sketchpad. Can you say ‘addict’?!
Diamond chevron pattern. Not the most symmetrical piece, but then again, there is beauty in imperfection, especially in imperfectly inked stamps.
I experimented with this square, and carved this pattern randomly, not knowing what to expect. I just knew I wanted aztec elements like lines, triangles and diamons. I love how this one turned out.
Random squiggly lines create a lovely texture.


One arrow shape, multiplied to create a tribal pattern.


Stamp layering black, white and silver to make an ikat pattern.


Cut up leftover pieces of erasers and glued them onto a piece of chipboard. This sort of looks like an embroidered pattern.


Another stamp for tiling. Thick and thin diagonal lines make for a classy pattern.