Sunday7: Field Trips

ONE: Car-eoke!
When it rains, traffic turns monstrous, but it’s also the perfect time to tune in to one of my favorite radio stations, 96.3, and sing along to the standards with feeling! These are actually video snapshots of us singing to Paul McCartney’s ‘No More Lonely Nights’.


TWO: Bibingka
No trip to Metrowalk is complete without buying some bibingka! Never fails to give me that fuzzy Christmassy feeling.


THREE: Soap Factory
Well, I’m not really planning to make any soap, but Jasmine and I did visit a soap factory this week for a business collaboration which I’m super excited about! The company we went to makes soap for export, but they do a bunch of personal care products, too.


FOUR: Happy Birthday, Dad!
We celebrated my dad’s birthday with a dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and since I hate dislike Chinese food, my mom allowed me to take care of dessert. This vegan chocolate cake with graham cookie letters took a trip all the way from Pipino. 🙂


FIVE: Tarragon Tea
I love the adding this herb to my water, whether cold or hot.


SIX: Flow in the City
Attended PJ’s talk at BeyondYoga yesterday for Flow in the City. It was my first time to actually hear him talk about NLP to an audience. Super interesting!
SEVEN: Pipino is on Smile Magazine
And when you’re going on your own field trips this month, you might chance upon this article which features Pipino and other veggie haunts in Manila. Thank you to Cebu Pacific for sending us copies of the magazine! 🙂
Have a wonderful week ahead!