Havaianas Filipinas 2015: Laro, Lasap, Lakbay

It’s odd that November weather here in Manila feels a little too much like summer: even without direct sunlight, the heat outside burns! This tropical-blooded girl isn’t complaining, though; I’ll take this heat over fall & winter’s freezing fingertips. I guess this summer-weather in November is Mother Nature’s way of cooperating with us: this month, Havaianas Philippines is launching 3 new local designs! And guess what? I am one of those designers!! *squeal-jump-dorkydance-highfive*
Back in college, I used to live in shorts and tsinelas (you can ask all my classmates and teachers :P). Until now, my fave part of the day is when I can change into my flip-flops! Haha. I love working with brands that I personally use, so when I was invited to collaborate with Havaianas for their local collection, I was nothing short of excited to design for a brand that I grew up with.
My design features calligraphy doodles of my favorite Filipino street food: Sorbetes!
It’s an honor to be working alongside fellow designers Abbey Sy and Patrick Cabral.
Each of us featured the things we love about our country in our flip-flops.  Abbey designed Lakbay, Patrick designed Laro, and I designed Lasap. The Havaianas Filipinas 2015 collection will be available this Holiday season, and only for a limited time!
The planning stages of the collection began in Feb 2015, and it was sooo hard for us to keep quiet about it! (What is excited. haha :P) Thanks to Havaianas, especially to Iya Cua for coordinating with the three of us to make the design and planning processes as smooth as possible. The last couple of months saw us meeting up for lunches to plan our upcoming event & a workshop at Hillside!
To launch the collection, Patrick, Abbey and I teamed up with Havaianas for a creative afternoon of Three (!!!) intensive workshops!
Each participant got to take home a curated workshop kit filled with some of our favorite materials!
– Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens
– Dr. Ph Martins Concentrated Watercolor from CraftCarrot
– Canson Watercolor Paper sampler from IFEX
– Waterbrush from Craftdoodle 
– 30/0 Spotter brush by Silver Brush from CraftCarrot
– Plus more Lettering supplies
We hand-stamped our Laro-Lasap-Lakbay lettering work on the goodie bags!
The module covered Hand-lettering by AbbeyFlourishing by Patrick, and I taught Watercolor Washes & Monograms.


Yummy food from Hillside Cafe!
Craft Carrot‘s pop-up booth
Each participant also got to take home special gift from the Havaianas Filipinas 2015 Collection!;) Flip-flops for everyone! 🙂
Thanks to everyone who joined the workshop! And as of early January, the Lasap pair has already sold out! Thanks to all those who purchased my sorbetes design!:)