You Are Brave. You Are Strong. You Are Amazing.

Dear Frontliners, Thank you for fighting the battle for us. We are grateful to you!


To everyone else practicing social distancing, in case you are looking for things to do at home, here are some summer flowers and messages that you can print out (on regular paper, board paper, or watercolor paper) and color! Make some for yourself, and send some to your friends in the health industry, or to other frontliners you may encounter–security guards, delivery drivers, bankers, grocery & pharma staff, and to their families! They all need this reminder, and to know that we are thinking about them at this time. Or simply say a prayer for all of them while you are painting and coloring.

Painted this using LAB Handmade Watercolors on Arches 300gsm cold-pressed paper.


Euphorbia milli / Corona de Espina

Dendrobium anosmum / Summer Orchid

Cosmos sulphureus


Download the coloring sheets by clicking the links below:

You are Amazing – coloring sheet

You are Strong – coloring sheet

You are Brave – coloring sheet

We are Grateful for You – coloring sheet


Thank you to Dr. Liss Mariano @molecularliss for the project @braveheartphl initiative. Check their instagram page to see more letters to the frontliners. Keep safe, wash your hands, stay at home, and make someone smile today! 🙂