2018 Out-of-the-Blog

I want to remember all the moments. My work life is well documented on my instagram account, so for a change, here’s a little journal of my offline life this 2018, with the people I love the most. 😊

The year’s mantras.



Peej and I watched Cynthia Alexander concert at the Music Museum, Passion Pit in SF.

I learned that intimate concerts are my kind of thing.



I was invited back to Poveda for a talk about my watercolor life + Spent a weekend in Fuego with my Poveda barkada

I learned that some things don’t change, and that some friendships are 5ever!



Took a quick break to La Union with Mikko & Macy + Yoga in the village

I learned that little breaks make for a sustainable work life.



Went to Hawai’i with the Lanots for Kuya Chie’s 40th birthday. Walked in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Watched JT + St. Vincent. Had my Aura photographed in LA.

I learned that family is my happy place.



Coworking with PJ, Mikko, Gin, Noelle.

I learned how to have fun while working.



Launched a watercolor project for Greenpeace + Made new recipes for Pipino, including langka bbq!

I learned the value of sharing my skills for causes that I care about.



Stormy #LAB_Breaktime in Subic with PJ

I learned that I am, first, a wife.



Conch & high lobe piercing in LA. Napamura ako sa sakit.😂 But I love the jewelry I bought from 108.us piercing studio!

I learned that I can, and so I did.



Watched a Foo Fighters concert (FINALLY!). Visited my Fave magazine store in SF. Joined a Botanical Watercolor Workshop.

I learned that I DON’T want to be a botanical watercolor artist. 😜



Inktober + Mark & Nic’s wedding + My birthday celebrations

I learned how to make ink from plants, and I learned how much I am loved by my family and 




I learned (again) how beautiful the Philippines is, and how each of us needs to do something to make it better.



Tagaytay & Family Time

I learned to feel, and to understand.


Grateful to everyone who was a part of my 2018!:)