Nature’s Paintbrushes

Spent a weekend in Bahay Marikit with Mikko and Ninna, and leveled-up our regular co-working days by inserting lots of hours under the sun and in the pool. 😜 Weekends and holidays are my favorite times to work on personal projects, and make art experiments.

While lounging in the pool, I spotted these palm leaves with toothed edges.

The plant is called Rhapis Excelsa. Took a leaf, and just played with it, and realized that the veins were like perforated lines. I peeled the leaves apart (it made such a therapeutic sound) then wove the strands together.

The tips of the leaves are firm, so I used them to create patterns with my indigo ink. Nature’s paintbrushes! Note to self: Start a brand new jounal for this. 😊❤️