Hidden Valley + July 2017 Calendar

Spent last Saturday in one of our favorite childhood destinations: Hidden Valley. Lounged in the hot springs and under warm waterfalls, and gathered tons of inspiration for new pattern designs.

So refreshing to be surrounded by so much greenery! I’ve recently been experimenting with making my own handmade gouache paint.

Paint: Handmade Gouache (will be available in new workshops this August)

Paper: Magnani1404 Round Watercolor Block

Brushes: Silver Brush Black Velvet #2, Raphael 5/0


Created some motifs that I turned into a wallpaper pattern for Pipino. The design is also on this month’s printable calendar!

Oh, and just for kicks, I decided to change this month’s calendar orientation! It’ll still fit in a Letter-sized sheet 🙂 Sometimes, I print these on sticker paper, and stick it on whatever notebook I’m currently using.

Click here to download the July 2017 Printable Calendar