It’s the last day of the year! ūüėõ

2016 was the first year that I made a promise to “design for myself”, (with permission from my husband! haha) and that meant saying ‘no’ to regular client work. This was my year to try and put more of myself and my style out there.¬†I’m never one to show all my true feelings (haha my friends know this), and I guess that’s why I’ve hid under the term “designer” and don’t necessarily consider myself as an artist. I have so much respect for artists, who shed everything, and let themselves be ‘exposed’ through their art. I have yet to get there.

At the beginning of the year, I simply decided to Take Chances, Accept Surprises. There was no clear plan, no set direction¬†other than to just create and collaborate:¬†to put out¬†the kind of work that you want to come back to you. And through teaching (talks and workshops) this year, I also realized that this creative process, this questioning, this self-doubt—this NEVER¬†ends. “Is this okay?” /¬†“This is not me.” /¬†“What will work?” / “What are they thinking?” / ¬†Why the hell do I¬†care what they think???” /¬†This is pretty good, but I need to do more.”¬†EVERY creative goes through it.¬†If we¬†want it really bad, it will never be enough.¬†So we¬†keep battling and challenging our BEST SELF¬†to strive to be better. And for a while we are comfortable, until we decide to question and challenge ourselves again.

2016 is getting so much hate from people who just can’t wait to move on to a fresh start. But I am grateful for everything that has happened this year, because it has brought me to where I am now.¬†Here’s my yearly tradition of counting blessings.


I did 80 Workshops & Craft Events this year including Workshops for Pottery Barn & West Elm, Xerox, Gateway Mall, Trinoma Art Fest, Shangrila Mall, IFEX and SM Stationery, Tiffany & Co, Discovery Suites, Aeropostale, UP, and ICA! 

I also spent a week each in Davao and Siargao!


We did Creative Talks at Design Week in April and October (plus another mid-year Creative Talk!)


I painted the Glorietta community heart in February and October


I joined the HP Family!:)


We opened a new branch of PI Breakfast & Pies at The Grove by Rockwell (along C5 Libis)


Designed luggage covers for Wanderskye!


Launched the Blank Slate black pad with IFEX with a Pattern Exhibit at DesignWeek Creative Marketplace


Craft Camp Antipolo with the craftcrazies!


Redesigned and updated my blog!¬†Thanks to Mikko for helping me. ūüôā


Designed some wedding invitations ūüôā

I am grateful for all these work-related 2016 highlights, but I am also extremely thankful for some of my favorite OFFLINE moments in 2016:

HHWW in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, and Florence with PJ ¬†| ¬†HongKong with the FamBam cousins ¬†| ¬†Being Ninang to Toby and Martina ¬†| ¬†Sleepovers with my best friend Gin ¬†| ¬†Lipstick kisses with my inaanak Olivia ¬†| ¬†ThisIsUs cryfests ¬†| ¬†MixAfterBreakfast and all-day coworking and laughing with Mikko ¬†| ¬†Ms. Rose’s opening prayer & PJ’s opening speech at the Pino Group’s Christmas party ¬†| ¬†Workshop Marathon (3 workshops in 24 hours!) ¬†| ¬†Long phone conversations with Ding and Muffin ¬†| Kabagfests with The Best Table ¬†| Moments when our family is happy and complete ¬†| ¬†Joketime forever with Peej ūüôā

We didn’t want 2016 to end just yet, so PJ and I flew to San Francisco and extended the night by 4 more hours!:P