July 2016 Printable Calendar

After a loooong break, the free printable monthly calendars are back!:) Okay so the real reason why I stopped making monthly calendars (after 3 straight years) was because I bought a really cute monthly calendar notebook from one of my trips, so didn’t have the need to create monthly calendars anymore. 😛 Haha, yes, these printable calendars are actually originally for my own personal use, but I’ve been getting lots of messages and requests to bring them back. So, if you are part of the plan-your-schedule-by-the-month club, …here you go! It’s a doodled peony pattern for this month. 🙂
As today marks the halfway point of the year, it’s just fitting that I re-evaluate my plans for 2016. I promised myself that I would focus more time for making art for myself. Slowly, I am getting there. Part of the process is the hunt for new desks and work chairs that will help make my workspaces (I have two spaces to decorate) more conducive for painting. Right now, my current work setup is very mobile (very clay-go), but it’s not helping the creative process at all. I need a constant area for constant crafty mess. 😛

Since the year started, I’ve taught 42 workshops already (!!!) and I’m always thinking of ways to make the classes better. I’ve decided to pair workshops together to create options for full-day classes for those who want a more intensive experience. Next month, I’m teaching Floral Sketching class in the morning + Botanical Watercolor in the afternoon at Hillside Cafe QC. I’m also bringing back the Stamp Carving workshops, but this time, making the class a full-day affair to include crafts that you can make using stamps.

The goal is also to give more free workshops in the next half of the year, plus refresher courses for those who have already taken the basic classes. I also want to bring my workshops to more places around the country!:)

To travel, to create, and to pull from my own experiences. To be honest to myself, and to trust in the work of my hands. What’s your #MidYearResolution? 😛
Happy half-year, and 1st of the month!:)