Hoarder Diaries: Pigment Pens on Black Paper

When I find art tools that I reeaaaally like, I kinda go crazy 😛
My favorite white & bronze pigment pens went on sale in the US, so I ordered a bunch of them, had them shipped to my Shipping Cart address in the US, and they were delivered straight to my doorstep. It really is the easiest and most efficient way of ordering from the US, because you pre-pay for the cost of shipment online, so you’re not surprised by any extra customs charges. Also, they minimize the packaging. Some art stores I buy from overpack the boxes with paper stuffers. Paper is heavy! I hate having to pay for packaging weight. 🙁 I was happy to see that Shipping Cart consolidated my packages, which made the shipping free from US to Manila more cost efficient.
You can easily get your own US address so you can easily shop from online stores in the States by creating an account at www.lbcshippingcart.com.

Super love this broad white pigment pen!