Easter Egg Challenge

I can’t remember the last time I was in Manila for the Holy Week holidays. The crafter in me is geeking out with the possibility of all this free time with my art supplies. 😛 The challenge this weekend lies not in egg-hunting, but rather in decorating the eggs. I experimented by using gouache (opaque watercolor) and an 18/0 round brush to paint them. The good thing with using gouache is that is dries quickly, which allows you to handle and rotate the egg faster.
It was after the first stroke when I realized what a difficult pattern this was to make. Painting right angles on spherical things is NOT EASY. But like many artworks and craft projects, it’s only until you’re almost done when the piece starts looking okay. So no matter how much of a “failure” you think it looks, you just gotta keep pushing. Never judge an artwork that’s not yet finished, and YES, that includes your own work. 🙂


Before I started painting the eggs, I poked holes at the top and bottom of the egg using one prong of a fork, and then blew the contents out (to make scrambled eggs). I’m putting so much effort into these painted eggs, so might as well make them last a bit longer than the Easter holidays, right? I collected and cleaned these eggshells for about a week.
Since there are holes at the top and bottom, I decided to cover them up with gold foil caps. Is there anything that you CAN’T add gold foil to? 😛


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