The 2015 Giving Journal

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal is one of my favourite yearly projects because it really pushes me to think creatively. This is my fourth year working on the journal, together with my friends from Viviamo! Darlyn Ty and Em Somera. All photos in the journal (and these photos as well) were shot by Ralph Hilario.
The Giving Journal
Every year, in the months leading up to Christmas, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® releases its coveted Giving Journal around a holiday campaign benefiting the Real Life Foundation, and every year, the company makes it a goal to create something better than the last, constantly evolving the journal to share the company’s passion for GIVING, SHARING, and COMMUNITY.


For 2015, the theme of the Giving Journal is to provide the inspiration to create OVERFLOWS in one’s life.  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® desires for all of us to thrive and live in abundance when it comes to developing personal fulfillment & growth, strong relationships, and a joyful spirituality.  To give to others, one must first have something to give, and the Giving Journal empowers us to become the best versions of ourselves.
The essence of OVERFLOW is captured in a poem highlighted in the Journal:


Watercolored these cups using real coffee!
My favourite spread: a bicycle made out of tea leaves!
Promo period is until January 11, 2015.
Planners may be collected until 60 days after the promo has ended.