Inky Kisses for Punchdrunk Panda

People often ask me where I get inspiration from. I’m always afraid to disappoint the interviewer because I never really (have to) dig deep to give them an answer. The truth is, I’m inspired by whatever materials are in front of me. I just like playing with new tools! This ‘source of inspiration’ can get quite expensive, though, because I loooove going to art stores to check out new art supplies.
 This painting above was created using Dr. Ph Martin’s radiant concentrated watercolor ink. I made it when I purchased an entire set of twelve earlier this year. One of the things I love about these inks are that you just squeeze a tiny bit onto a palette, and they’re ready to use — no need to mix / dilute!
It caught PunchdrunkPanda‘s eye, and owner & designer Gail Go asked me to turn it into a pattern for their new line of Duffle bags, which are perfect to use as an overnighter or gym bag! I was originally going to name the pattern “Sweaty Kisses” 😛
Photo from @PunchdrunkPanda
Inky Kisses by Alessandra Lanot 
There are 4 designs to choose from in this collection!