The Ampersand Collection by R2R

I’m what you would consider a uniform dresser (button down shirts & brogues or sneakers all day, errr-day), only because I don’t like thinking about what to wear. I prefer to save the creative juices for work stuff, haha. Even with my accessories, they have to be basic, but with pops of color, so that I can mix and match them to brighten up my everyday ‘uniforms’.
 This new collection from Rags2Riches answers all of my bag needs (and wants).
No bias, I swear. Go on, scroll down and drool.
(photo above from the R2R website)
The Ampersand Collection
by Rags2Riches
The collection’s name is pure genius. Each design is dedicated to the multi-faceted woman. No slashies here, but AMPERSANDS. Because you are all of what you do, all at once. How do you beat that positivity? I love it!
Each design has at least two modes, so you can change the way your bag looks depending on your mood, or change its function depending on what you need!
(photo above from the R2R website)
I fell in love with the collection the first time I saw it at the Design Council’s meeting in the R2R office. Was really excited to see what their super talented designer Chris would proceed with them. I really believe that it is their best collection to date. 
Oh, and did you see??? One of the bags is named ALESSA! Kiligz.
Each bag is named after a member of the R2R Design Council.

The bags with their namesakes:P
Alessa, Issa, Casey, Danella, and Arriane
together with designer Chris Cera, and R2R President (and superwoman!) Reese Fernandez-Ruiz
Congratulations on the super successful launch!

Gave out temporary tattoos during the launch, and of course, bought my own bag!:P