But first…a Shellfie!

I’ve been spending the past couple of days with my cousins, and we’re currently in Siargao, enjoying the laid-back island life.
Out-of-town trips are one of my favourite times to experiment with new art materials.
This was a quick doodle using new pastel pencils and a black notebook, both from FullyBooked. I’ll be holding workshops there soon, and will update this blog when I have the schedule.
I also experimented with these Lyra watercolored pencils. I’ve only tried watercolor pencils once before, when I was a kid, and maaaan they are so fun!!! I will definitely be integrating these pencils in my upcoming watercolor classes!
Painting on the beach! Always a good idea.


And I couldn’t help it!! I just had to take a Shellfie. 😛