Arts & Crafts Will Save The World

Sorry if it took me quite a while to get back to this blog. The Visayas is very much close to PJ’s and my hearts, as we spent about two months of just traveling from province to province after we got married. We traversed the Visayas via public transportation, all the way from Samar, to Leyte, to Bohol and Cebu, to Negros, Siquijor, Guimaras, Iloilo, and Panay. It still stands as one of our best adventures yet.
Actually, when Yolanda struck the country, PJ was there in Samar for work. I was quiet about it online, afraid that it might worry our friends and family, but I was a nervous wreck that entire week. He was in Guian the day before the storm hit, and good thing they drove up early to Northern Samar the next day. Although he was in constant communication with me, there were times when I didn’t hear from him because there was no signal and power where they were. With much prayer, right after the storm passed, he was able to get on a flight as a chance passenger in Calbayog, Samar.
It was only when PJ was finally safe home when we saw and heard about the damage of the towns in Yolanda’s direct path. It was an emotional roller coaster ride for us, and the first few days saw us still in shock over what had just happened. And then doing something–anything to help–got us to our senses, made it feel real. Our restaurants, the Pino Group, offered a day to dine for Yolanda, where 100% proceeds of all restaurants (Pino, Pipino, The Burger Project, Pi Breakfast & Pies, Brgy. Bagnet) will be donated to the Red Cross. It is heartwarming to see that so many other groups are doing their own thing to help out any way possible.
For the first half of the month, I spent my weekends teaching Calligraphy & Lettering Crafternoons. It was great seeing new and familiar faces. We had 4 classes, and each class was 4 hours each, but still bitin! I’m thinking of doing a whole-day workshop for next time.
Artworks on the left by Dara, Marney and me.

In one workshop, I asked the students to write messages of hope that were to be inserted in relief packs, to tell each person who receives a pack that they are being thought of. I will print these out and bring them to relief packing centers. You can print this out, too, or you can make your own 😉

Thanks to Reia, Mia, Thea, Blaise, Meg, Febby, Mara, Carlo, Mia, Gwen, Roanne, Jess, Osean, Aliza, Charley, and Sheila for these. 🙂

I’m also conducting a Benefit Watercolor Crafternoon on Saturday, November 30. Workshop fee is the standard P1500, which gets you a Sakura watercolor travel kit, paint brushes, and a sketchpad. If you don’t have plans yet, and if you were interested in joining a watercolor crafternoon anyway, please do bring your family and friends on Nov30! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Typhoon Yolanda victims.

For this special crafternoon, I’ll be sharing my favourite watercolor techniques & process!
I believe!! 😛 haha! Or at least it can help, even just a bit. 😉