DIY Doodled Sneakers

On a rainy Saturday morning, I played with lines and made this doodled aztec pattern. I first started with one shoe, just freely doodling the design, and then replicated it onto the other shoe. Patterns and geometric shapes are the way to go if you aren’t so confident about your drawing skills. πŸ˜›
Then on Sunday, I brought my doodled kicks to the BDJ Fair,
where I had a mini crafternoon with Sharpie and DC Shoes.
Β It was only 11am but the Mall of Asia Music Hall was already brimming with BDJ bellas.
I set up the craft space in the activity area while waiting for the participants to arrive.
After some introductions, we went straight to sketching! I asked the participants to trace the shoe on a sheet of paper, and roughly sketch their design using pencil first. Sharpies are permanent, so it’s best to have a plan before drawing directly on to the shoe. There were so many people watching them draw and design, so sketching with a pencil warmed up their drawing muscles, and shook off any nerves. You see, once it’s time to put marker to fabric, you need confidence in every stroke and commitment to your design! πŸ˜›
These girls were all amazing. Check out their doodled sneakers!
After the fair, I took my own pair of doodled sneakers
for some Sunday shopping with the family!:)