Travel Diary: Agra, India

Agra is city located 200km south of Delhi. Aside from the Taj Mahal, we visited historical sites Agra Fort (walled city) and Fahtepur Sikri (Emperor Akbar’s capital in the 1600’s).


The place looked like an action movie setting; thus, this fight scene 😛
with PJ & Ralph
Intricate carvings on sandstone and marble
More lovely patterns
School girls on a field trip to Fahtepur Sikri
In the afternoon, we went shopping in Sadar Bazaar.
Shoes! I want to try making these at the next leather crafternoon. 🙂
I went inside to check out their local art supplies.
Henna tattoo artists on the streets
Mama’s Vegetarian carinderia. I love that here, everyone assumes food is vegetarian, so the those that aren’t have a “non-veg” disclaimer. 🙂
And Chef Ed was brave enough to try the street food (we had heard too many horror stories of tummies turning bad). I took a little bite off these fried potato balls stuffed with yoghurt, chili and ginger.
Some of my loot: a pair of shoes, printed cotton scarves, and a couple of sketchbooks made with reeaaaallly nice paper. So cheap, I wish I bought more! 😛