Pattern Design Workshop

Making crafts is a great way to detach yourself from computer work, even for just a few hours in a day. Normally, pattern design that is digitally printed is something done straight on the computer, but for this workshop, I decided to go back to the basics and teach Repeat Pattern Design using just pens and paper.
The Pattern Design Workshop is something that I had been dreaming of for a while, and thanks to crafternoon partners Adamant Eve, Sharpie, and DMC, it is finally part of the regular craft workshop rotation. It’s a two-day workshop: on the first night, everyone doodles and draws their patterns using Sharpies, and on the second crafternoon day, we all get our custom printed fabric and make some crafts out of it.
A set of 12 fine Sharpies for all participants.
I gave out the first Crafternoon Zine, which is a handwritten how-to guide in hand-drawn pattern design.
Yummy snacks from Pino
With Krisha of Adamant Eve
Everyone went straight to working on their drawings. We first sketch on tracing paper, and then transfer the image onto white paper and fill it in with color.
On the second workshop day (that same week), we got our fabric with our OWN patterns printed on them! You could hear squeals and little screams around the place, as Krisha distributed the fabric to everyone. It was amazing how one tiny drawing on a square could turn out like this!
Check out everyone’s patterns and happy smiles 😉
I think we spent a good ten minutes just staring at the fabric after that 😛
Beautiful patterns made by the workshop participants, printed on canvas.
Finally, when everyone was ready, we started cutting up some of our fabric to make into pouches and pillows. Above are different colors of zippers and DMC thread.
Here are some of the finished products: Donna made two pillows for her two adorable boys using the funky robot pattern she made. Chia, Macy and Risa made pouches / pencil cases, and Carla made a giant totebag! These are all hand-sewn!We also had a Swatch Swap, where we picked names from a bowl and traded a 8.5×11″ swatch of fabric with our classmates 😉
Thanks to everyone who joined the first Pattern Design Workshop!
Photo Credit: LAB & Chris Clemente