Design to Travel, Travel to Design

I don’t consciously count the number of times I travel in a year (and I know there are people with “itchier feet” than mine), but I make it a point to get out of the city at least once a month. It is when I am far away from home when I can allow myself to dream, and be inspired.
I design (work) so that I can earn money to travel, 
and I travel so that I can find new inspiration to design.
I’ll probably keep this on loop all throughout my life.
My most recent trip was to Macau with my family. Today, I’m sharing with you a brief photo diary of that weekend, together with some of my thoughts on traveling as a designer/creative.
Do keep a map in your bag, but take it out only when you want to get back home. Walk and roam your surrounding areas, and observe the normal day-to-day things that go around. What makes this place different from what you are used to? See the patterns, see what breaks away from pattern. Get lost, think, write, draw. It is in learning your limits that you get to know yourself a little bit better.
PJ always says “I don’t spend on travel; I invest.” It’s good mindset to have so you’re sure to make the most out of your trip. Wake up early, do as much as you can, and eat your way around the best plates in the city. Don’t ever regret a single penny you spend. Just as Katy Perry said, “No regrets, just…😛
Walking around your vicinity will open you up to the way the place moves. Eat where the locals eat, shop where they shop, and take public transportation. It will be a challenge, especially in a non-English speaking country, but the experience will surely be memorable and worth it.
As a creative, it is your responsibility to absorb as much as you can of the world.
Take photos of the city’s graphics and architecture, and observe the local design style. 


Lastly, remember to be 100% present in every moment.
If you work in a creative industry, I cannot stress how important it is to travel to new places regularly. You need to feed and pack your mind with awesome and beautiful things, to the point when you can no longer contain it. Then, you head back home, to your work desk, and churn out only beautiful, inspired work. 😉
Oh, and traveling doesn’t have to be expensive! A trip to the museum, to a new neighborhood, or even just reading a novel, will do these same things for you. 🙂