Valentine Triple Date: Red, White & Kraft

The thing about running a restaurant is that special occasions mean work–lots of it. Of course, in that world, busy is always good. Needless to say, Valentine crafting took a steady ride in the backseat, as I split myself into not just half, but quarters, trying to do everything in one single day (while praying the traffic gods be on my side). And just when V-day was about to bid goodbye, I rushed home to host a simple triple date valentine dinner with my cousins.
Red, White and Kraft:
Our al fresco dinner table setting of kraft paper for table cloth, rubber-stamped hearts, plants from the garden, recycled bottles, paper napkins from Ikea, and clay cups as candle holders from Tagaytay.
The dates:
Luke ♥ Noelle   |    PJ ♥ Alessa    |    Alan ♥ Rizza


Thanks to Ninong Romy for making us his special Paella Valenciana!
He made two versions for us: original recipe and vegan!
Rizza and Noelle brought these yummy mocha cupcakes for dessert
And then we hammed it up at our makeshift photobooth.
Alan ♥ Rizza
PJ ♥ Alessa
Luke ♥ Noelle ♥ Kai


On a separate valentine note, I sent out these valentine cards for a snail mail exchange.
I made envelopes out of craft paper and lined them with my stamped prints.
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine weekend! 🙂