The 1st Watercolor Crafternoon

After many requests for me to hold a workshop, we finally pushed thru with the Watercolor Crafternoon last Saturday, July 28. Ideally, a crafternoon is just a craft hangout, but I decided to throw in some watercolor basics for everyone. We had a smaller group this time, so all 24 attendees + myself squeezed into Pipino for a relaxing afternoon of painting.
After watercolor basics & exercises, I asked everyone to do these activities with me.
Here are more photos of all the pretty girls and their pretty artworks!
Pat Magbanua and Audrey Dimarucot of Googoo&Gaga
Kyrene, our youngest participant!
My bro- & sis-in-law Ruben & Olive with their super talented son Isaiah!
My cousins Noelle and Ate Ria, and on the bottom left photo, Monica.
Monix blogged about the watercolor crafternoon, too!
I was able to sit down for a while to paint my own version of “inside my bag”.