Handmade Watercolors by LifeAfterBreakfast.ph

Happy to announce that I’ve started producing my own watercolors for my workshops!:)

The watercolors are made from pure pigment combined with a medium of gum arabic (acacia tree sap) and glycerine.

Each pigment comes from a different source (mineral, earth, synthetic), so each color varies in opacity/transparency.

The watercolors are mixed and mulled by hand, resulting to a more raw look and feel on paper.

But because they are made from PURE pigment, the colors are always very radiant and vibrant.

These Handmade Watercolors (individual pans) are available at my Pop-ups which I announce on my Instagram page @lifeafterbreakfastph and private mailing list. I also have travel sets available at Common Room Alabang Town Center.

A set of 6 handmade watercolors are included in my Watercolor Workshop Kits. Head over to lifeafterbreakfast.ph/workshops to view and register for the upcoming watercolor painting classes.