Handmade Watercolors by LifeAfterBreakfast.ph

Handmade Watercolors Workshop by Alessandra Lanot

Happy to announce that I’ve started producing my own watercolors for my workshops!:) I created my first batch of handmade watercolor sets for last weekend’s workshop, and these sets will now be part of the watercolor workshop kits.

The first set is a modified primary set, which includes: Ultramarine, Turquoise, Dark Pink, Yellow-Orange, Chrome Green, and Titanium White. Personally, I think this 6-color set is perfect for botanical watercolors.

The watercolors are made from real pigment, with no fillers added. Look at this gorgeous shade of blue! That’s dark ultramarine. It actually looks like the newly discovered blue hue. 😛

This turquoise shade is just perfect!

Dark pink looks like red, but it really does look like pink on paper.

This Titanium White and Chrome Green look so creamy!:P

Tested some of the pigments for this watercolored rose. When the modified primaries are mixed together, they make a nice grayish brown color, which I used for the outline of the flower.

If you’d like to join my Watercolor workshops and get your own set of these Handmade Watercolors that are part of the workshop kits, head over to lifeafterbreakfast.ph/workshops to view and register for the upcoming classes.

Interested to learn how to make your own handmade watercolors? Next Watercolor Making Session is on May6!

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