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The Sanicare x LifeAfterBreakfast Tissue Box

A few months ago, I received a message from everyone’s favorite local brand for hygene products, SANICARE. They were inviting me to collaborate with them, and to design their traditional big white tissue box. You can never underestimate the power of a simple e-mail. I was jumping and squealing so early in the morning, accidentally waking up my husband (because yes, we have a 4-hour time difference in life haha) who groggily muttered, “Congrats, Love… I’m so proud of you,” before going back to sleep. I composed myself, and then replied and set a meeting with their marketing team & graphic designers. After that, everything happened pretty quickly. Did a couple of pattern designs for them, and they chose one to print. Now, here they are!!!

I always draw inspiration from local flora. This design is composed of three lilies: lilium philippinense, calla lily, and champaca lily. The flowers were watercolored, and turned into a repeat pattern.Β 

This is Sanicare’s first artist collaboration, and I’m truly honored that they invited me to design for them. They also gave me their complete trust with the design, and the dream that any designer could ever wish for: no revisions!! Haha, but seriously, I had such a fun time designing this pattern for them.The box design comes in three colors: green/gray, plum, and black. You’ll have to see the box up close, and touch it to feel the embossed white lilies!
My White Lilies tissue box design will be available in grocery & department stores in October. The black box will be available at an exclusive retailer this holiday season.

Check out #SANICARExLifeAfterBreakfastPH to learn about the upcoming launch events!

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