Hi, I’m Alessandra Lanot (you may call me Alessa) and I’m a surface pattern designer and watercolor teacher.

Welcome to LifeAfterBreakfast.ph โ€” my happythings journal where I chronicle my creative experiments, design process, and art classes, all of which begin after my favorite meal of the day!

I grew up and live in Quezon City, Philippines. I love to travel around the country, and draw inspiration for my artworks from Philippine culture, crafts, and flora. My design style fuses the worlds of the handmade and digital: watercolored illustrations turned into patterns for reproduction.

About Alessandra Lanot of Life After BreakfastEncouraging creativity through crafts has always been my passion. From 2000-2008, I ran a mobile arts & crafts school for kids called Art Adventures, and paired art with lessons about peace and environmental preservation.2017_blog_about_04-artadventures2000

2017_blog_about_05-workshopsToday, my workshops have evolved into one-day intensive beginner workshops for adults, where I teach basics of Watercolor, Modern Calligraphy, and Pattern Design. I also organize craft events and creative field trips. Since 2012, I’ve conducted over 300 craft workshops! Whether you’re a beginner, or a hobbyist who wants to try a new medium or style, these classes are the perfect way to de-stress, learn something new, bond with old friends, or create new ones.2017_blog_about_06-workshops

Together with my husband PJ and the PINO Group, I own restaurants PIPINO Veg and Pi Breakfast & Pies in Teachers Village and The Grove by Rockwell, and HILLSIDE Cafe & Juice Bar on Mother Ignacia Ave, QC.2017_blog_about_07-restos

2017_blog_about_08-collabsI collaborate with brands for pattern design collections, designs for print, and for workshops and events. Peek into my recent projects @lifeafterbreakfastph. Say hello: workshops@lifeafterbreakfast.ph ๐Ÿ™‚ย