Letters & Patterns Watercolor Workshop

This month, I put together a new class: The LETTERS AND PATTERNS Watercolor Workshop!
The workshop was held at Pipino on Malingap Street, Teachers Village. We all had delicious vegan platters for merienda. 🙂
We used Sakura Koi watercolor sets, and all students received watercolor pads, a waterbrush, and a superfine 3/0 detail brush both from Sakura.
I’ve been using the Sakura Koi field sketch box since I bought a set during one of my trips to Japan. They come in a nice compact size that’s perfect for travel. When it comes to watercolor palettes, I like my pigments dry, and I feel like I get to control the watercolor’s consistency better with this palette. Even with tube watercolors, I leave them on pans to dry before I use them. It’s one of the best brands for student watercolors in the market.
We went through basic washes, strokes, and color mixing. The workshop is perfect for beginners, and those with zero confidence with their drawing skills. We painted basic geometric shapes, and used these to form letters!


We combined shapes to create abstract motifs.


Then, we digitized the illustrations and created patterns and postcards. I absolutely love seeing students’ faces when they see their works turned into patterns. We did a postcard swap in class, too!


Happy students with their artworks!:)