Sunday7: Sweet Surprises & Craft Play

ONE: Chunky KitKat Caramel
If Milky Way & KitKat had a child, this would be it. I bought a bar at citysuper in HongKong to take on our plane trip back home, but not I regret not tasting it earlier! Aaah. If you chance upon this anywhere in the world, go grab a whole box! 😛
TWO: Beyond Borders Blanket
I love collecting local handwoven fabrics, and I really do use them for our home and for some craft projects. This blanket that we use to cover our sofa bed is from Beyond Borders.
THREE: Chika with a capital CH
Met up with one of my fave brush letterers Christine Herrin last week. The afternoon was spent chatting about random things and work lives, followed by a quick craft exchange. I finished my piece too late, so I took a photo of the stamp I made before I mail it to her. Lettering by CH. 🙂
FOUR: Foil Foliage
Dipped pen doodles with copper foil. I have a crush on everything copper right now.


FIVE: Peony Practice
Currently creating new handouts for the upcoming Botanical Watercolor workshops!:)
SIX: Bread Coasters
Made custom bread coasters for Pi Breakfast & Pies. Chanced upon speckled cork in the bookstore–it reminds me of multigrain bread!:P
SEVEN: Takoyaki at Home!
Made use of our ebelskiver pan and made takoyaki from scratch. Filled it with cheese & veggies instead of octupus.
Hope you all had a happy Sunday. Happy Father’s Day to all dads! 🙂