Sunday7: More of Hong Kong (Typography Snaps & Foodie Finds)

ONE: Vegan Resto Crush — Mana
In the future, I predict that vegan hipsters will rule the world. Because they will be the only ones alive! Haha. And in Hong Kong, this is where they all converge. Mana is a tiny cafe (with communal dining area under the sun) that serves “fast slow food” with food packaging that “doesn’t cost the earth”. I heart.


TWO: Type across our hotel


THREE: The Market at Hotel Icon
It was late (like 2pm late) and we were HUNGRY. After walking a few blocks from our hotel, we reached Hotel Icon, and actually couldn’t decide whether to eat at Greens in the lobby or here in The Market. We made the right decision. Buffet was about to close in 10 minutes, so we grabbed as much food as possible. Lovely pastry chefs saved us some dessert and brought it to our table, too!


FOUR: Initial Cafe
As soon as I stepped into this cafe, it reminded me of my friend Yoya, who once had a dream of opening a restaurant & retail cafe. I admit, back then I didn’t know if it would work, but Initial Cafe is proof that it does! Behind the vintage-y cafe is a space for designer collections. Loved the Jap-inspired food as well!
FIVE: Fish Market
Passed by this fish market in Mongkok. I know they’re pet fish, but all that plastic (and them inside it) just felt so wrong.
SIX: St. Francis Yard
We discovered artsy Star Street district in Wanchai. Lots of cool shops in this area!


SEVEN: The Monocle Shop
We hung out by the store’s entrance for a good 15 minutes before entering it: that’s how starstruck PJ and I were. After confessing our fanboy & fangirl-ness to the fashion ed who entertained us, she gladly whipped up some Monocle goodies for us. One of my ultimate dreams in life is for Monocle to feature Pipino in their magazine!
92 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
The Market at Hotel Icon
17 Science Museum Road, TST, Hong Kong
Initial Cafe
48 Cameron Road, TST, Hong Kong
The Monocle Shop
1 U/G, Bo Fung Mansion 1-4 St. Francis Yard, Wan Chai, Hong Kong