Watercolor Workshop at R2R

  • May 21, 2012
I’ve been teaching crafts since I was in high school, but this watercolor workshop at Rags2Riches was my first time to actually teach any form of fine art. I never had formal training in watercolor, so I focused on what I knew best: making patterns. This was to be the first among an entire series of workshops and craft days for the team and the artisans, to help develop their creative side and hone new skills.
Personally, I prefer using potted / dry watercolor set, but for workshop (and sharing) purposes, we used this 18-color set. We began the class with an intro to Color Theory, and I taught how to choose color combinations for the ‘non-creative’ eye.
We started with the basics and learning about different kinds of washes and ways to hold the brush.
After a quick break, we played with brush strokes and made patterns… while watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl on the projector. Haha, how fun!
R2R Prez Reese with her work!
Class pic with the pretty ladies of Rags2Riches!
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